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Legal LSD Blotter paper

Update Time:09-24-2012

Now we can supply:
Legal LSD Blotter paper
1 sheet: USD350/piece
2 sheets: USD300/piece
3 sheets: USD250/piece
5 sheets: USD200/piece
10 sheets: USD180/piece
20 sheets: USD150/piece
50 sheets: USD120/piece
100 sheets: USD100/piece
each piece 20cm long, 15cm wide
you can cut into small blotters, 0.5cm long, 0.5cm wide, and put under your tongue, after 20 minutes, you will feel high.
so one piece can be cut into 1200 blotters
dosage on each blotter is 0.15mg
we change the structure of LSD, so this chemical is similar in chemical structure with real LSD. But it is legal worldwide, and it is not analogue of LSD.
now we do not use images or pictures on them, we use plain blank sheet paper, it is more safe for you to sell this white paper, no police will think this is illegal product.
and it is more easy for us to send from china to you, no Customs officers will think this is drug, they think this is documents, not LSD blotter.
all customers like it
they order again and again
popular in europe and russia now

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